SIO Bots

At the heart of the Sea Street solution are designable micro intelligences that we call SIO Bots™. SIO Bots operate services 24/7/365.

SIO Bots are intelligent software robots that define, create, and "closed-loop operated" end-customer services.

Even the most complex operating goals can be rendered autonomous by breaking the task down into smaller actionable goals and executing against those goals in a coordinated manner. That is why we created the Objective.

SIO Bots are goal-seeking, intelligent software objects. They are small and easy to build. They are abstract and highly reusable. They interoperate and cooperate to create autonomous services, compound services and ultimately division-level service operations. SIO Bots are like bees in a hive: a set of SIO Bots runs a service, a swarm of SIO Bots runs an enterprise.

The advantage of SIO Bots is that they are simplified, manageable and highly reusable. They are built and maintained by our team. They enable us to automate your enterprise element by element, a service at a time, cleaning up your technical debt much the same way you clean a house: one room at a time. Steady results drive continued progress and over time your Digital Transformation is achieved.



StratOS is a cross-domain, cloud-native software platform for automating and closed-loop assuring complex and massively distributed IT services.

StratOS is deployed today at major service providers around the globe. Using AI expert models, StratOS operates complex network, video and security services for these operators on a fully autonomous, closed-loop basis; deploying, assuring, healing, optimizing and upgrading these services with no need for manual intervention.

You bring the customers, we bring the automated SASE solution.

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