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Today, there is unprecedented potential for mass-scale, high value services.

In every business, there is more digital information than ever before, and the last decade’s advancements in internet technologies, cloud computing, mobility, and security have made incredible computing capabilities available anywhere, on demand, at low cost.

However, today the components that make up services – cloud & local computing, physical and virtual networking, applications, data lakes, sensors and mobile endpoints are all managed in individual silos and not as an integrated whole. Therefore, the services that ride on them are complex, slow, expensive and unreliable.

Sea Street’s StratOS platform solves this problem. It integrates and automates the operations of complex services across technology silos. It eliminates the cost and constraint of fragmented technology and operations.

The StratOS platform enables the creation of services that are fully autonomous, end-to-end, delivered individually or at mass scale, and it fundamentally transforms the cost, speed, and reliability of service operations in the process.

Secure business networking and SD-WAN
Autonomous service operation
Mobile edge
Network as a
Secure global cloud
60–80% reductions in annual operating cost
< 8 month Return on Investment
100x faster event
150x faster
Individual, end-to-end SLA, compliance and performance mgt. per customer

Get inside the loop.

StratOS is an expert system: a form of AI that encapsulates human expertise and executes it at computer speeds. This is a loop process, just like human cognition. Unlike humans, however, StratOS can pay attention to millions of loops at once, and it can operate them all in context with each other.

Goal-Seeking -aaS Operations
Intelligent operation of entire services

Modular Micro-Intelligences
Objectives™ provide modular, reusable “atoms” of automation

End-to-End Cross Domain
Execute services across clouds, domains, and virtual/physical implementations

Closed-Loop/Data Driven
Continuous cognitive loop process: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act

Customer Designable
Robust tools let anyone work with StratOS Objectives™


(Sea Street) places the potential to match the likes of Google or AWS in reach of large, messy operations crippled with legacy technical debt.

Carl Brooks

451 Research

Sea Street is well positioned to provide service assurance through autonomous operations…allowing Operators to preserve key competitive differentiators as they transition to autonomous operations for network monitoring, service creation, and delivery.

Stephanie Gibbons

Ovum Research