SP Edge™


SP Edge is a turn-key Secure SD-WAN Service from Sea Street.

SP Edge was created with the specific goal of enabling highly profitable, hyper-scale security offerings that could be sold as attachable value-added services by Service Providers, MSPs, and MSSPs.

SP Edge features Palo Alto’s Prisma Security and Prisma SD-WAN products fully integrated into an autonomous service by Sea Street’s SIO Bot technology. The combined service offering deploys at the provider edge. When orders are received and the Palo Alto ION endpoints have been deployed, Sea Street’s SIO Bots take over, standing up and operating the end-to-end service for each customer individually and autonomously. Standardized tools and APIs are available to rapidly connect the autonomous service to the SP, MSP, or MSSP ordering and billing systems.

This converged and autonomous offer enables mass-market price points while still being highly profitable. It has the features required for SMB, SME, Government, Sovereign and 5G/IIOT customers. Best of all, it’s offered ‘as-a-Service,’ so SPs, MSPs, and MSSPs can be turning up new customers quickly.


Security by Palo Alto Networks

SP Edge converges two great Palo Alto Networks products into a unified SASE service. Security is provided by Palo Alto PA-series or VM-series firewalls, fully loaded with all the software features that make Palo Alto a top choice of Fortune 500 enterprises. On the network side, we use Palo Alto’s Prisma SD-WAN platform, including its exceptional ION endpoints that feature autonomous branch to branch connectivity.

Operated by Sea Street SIO Bots™

These two best-in-class Palo Alto products are converged and operated by Sea Street SIO Bots. SIO Bots are intelligent software robots that define, create, and closed-loop operate end-customer services. Every connection we create has its own goal-seeking SIO Bot team dedicated to it. They handle deployment, assurance, healing, optimizations, maintenances, and more. It’s like having an expert engineer constantly watching and maintaining every individual connection.

Built for Hyperscale SP Operations

SIO Bots, of course, are the key to profitable hyperscale operations. The deployments that used to take 9 man-hours of swivel-chair operations now get done in 15 Bot-minutes. Each individual connection is continuously closed-loop assured by its own SIO Bot. This incredible increase in efficiency yields profitable operations at mass-market price points with no scale limitations. You can harvest the market with the Ops team you have today.


Fully Integrated

SP Edge is a turn-key Secure SD-WAN service that has been fully integrated. There is no need to wait 24 months for a team to converge multiple products into a service, design the operations, and glue the bespoke result to your billing system. You just subscribe and go. Time to revenue is typically 3–4 months. No DIY overhead. Just revenue, profit, and happy customers.

Autonomous for Lowest Cost-to-Serve and Best Customer Experience

SIO Bot operations essentially eliminate the operational component of Cost-to-Serve. Our packaged and standardized solution takes care of the of the hardware and license costs. Together they make our service so efficient that SPs, MSPs, and MSSPs can realize highly profitable results even at mass-market price points.

Templated Policies by Customer or Class

Operations are further streamlined through the availability of templated policies. Policies are fully manageable for both security and networking. Sets of templates can be created per customer or per class. So, a nationwide donut chain might have templates that can be applied to work-from-home executives, donut shops, bakeries, data centers, and corporate offices, or you might create templates for mass-market customer types like ‘retail with public WiFi.’ Templates create predictable, standardized, rapid results with no limit in functionality for your customers.


SP Edge is suited to a wide variety of end-customer use cases. Read about some examples at the following links.


Turn-key, as-a-service Offering

SP Edge is an as-a-service offering. You bring the customers and sales; we bring the solution and automate the operations. Pricing is by bitrate and feature set. Pay-as-you-grow.

Simple Ordering and Billing Integration

SP Edge has a UI for order entry and bulk ordering, or you can connect your OSS platform via an API. Billing information is available in multiple formats, or again via an API. Integration is simple and fast.

Straightforward Deployment at the Provider Edge

SP Edge deploys in provider or MSP data centers, or at the provider edge. Both physical and virtual firewall configurations are available. Deployments are capacity managed by Sea Street, with additional capacity being deployed as required to stay ahead of customer growth.


Sea Street’s SIO Bots are deployed around the globe today, running provider services a of all sorts—including secure networking. Palo Alto Networks is the household name in the security space. SP Edge is solution you can trust and sell with confidence.


In cybersecurity, you can never stand still. That’s why Sea Street SIO Bots are built with extensibility in mind. Need to add Zero-Trust? No problem. Need to add XDR? No problem. Sea Street SIO Bot services are extensible and we can add the additional services your customers need—all under the same highly autonomous, as-a-service approach.

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500 Edgewater Drive Suite 509 Wakefield MA 01880
© Sea Street Technologies 2022 | All Rights Reserved