SP Edge

introducing sp edge

Empowering Service Providers to deliver SASE “as a Service” to their customers

With SP Edge, SPs, MSPs, and MSSPs can finally offer highly profitable, trusted, hyper-scale security offerings as attachable value-added services.

Driven by our intelligent Sea Street
SIO Bots™, SP Edge:


Unifies best-in-class security and network products into an orderable services

customer services

Autonomously operates the end-customer services


Significantly reduces costs through multi-tenanting NGFWs and standardizing security and network configurations and operations

increase performance

Autonomously monitors to ensure SLAs and optimize performance

trusted brands

Is powered by Palo Alto Networks NGFW and SD-WAN products today, for which you contract directly with Palo Alto Networks (or their Distributor)

SP Edge is the only SASE offering that delivers a mid-market price point with hyper scale profitability for SPs, MSPs, and MSSPs.

It's simple to use, fast to deploy, profitable, extensible, and in production today, making SP Edge a proven and trusted solution you can confidently offer to your customers.

sp edge

Features and Benefits

Autonomous SASE as a Service

SPs can leverage SP Edge to offer Autonomous SASE as a Service to their customers, specifically designed and engineered for SPs and backed by the best-in-class, trusted brand provided by Palo Alto Networks. The standardized and templated security and networking options, approved as "best of breed" by the team at Palo Alto Networks, streamline the deployment process and reduce complexities. By combining Palo Alto’s NGFWs and Prisma SD-WAN products with autonomous SASE through Sea Street's SIO Bot technology, SPs can provide advanced security and networking solutions with minimal manual intervention, allowing for rapid deployment and assurance of end-to-end services and their SLAs.

Scalable SASE Solutions

SP Edge empowers SPs to offer scalable SASE solutions that cater to a wide range of customers, from small and medium businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, all under the umbrella of the best-in-class, trusted brand provided by Palo Alto Networks. The availability of standardized security and networking templates, which are best-of-breed approved by the team at Palo Alto Networks, ensures predictable results and simplifies service delivery, allowing SPs to handle a high volume of customers and deployments, scaling recurring revenues while maintaining profitability.

Mid-Market Price Points

SP Edge's autonomous and streamlined multi-tenanted operations enable SPs to offer trusted security services at mid-market price points, making advanced security accessible to a broader customer base. This competitive pricing capability enabled by SP Edge, coupled with the credibility of Palo Alto Networks, can attract more customers, open new markets, and enhance revenue streams.

Trusted Brand

SP Edge is supported by the best-in-class, trusted brand of Palo Alto Networks, a household name in the cybersecurity space. This adds a layer of credibility and reliability to the service, providing customers with confidence in their security solution.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

SP Edge's turn-key architecture, with autonomous operations and templates, allows SPs to reduce time-to-market significantly. Instead of spending many months integrating and configuring multiple products, SPs can swiftly launch the service, reducing overhead and increasing revenue potential.

Simplified Operations

SIO Bot's autonomous operations eliminate complex, error-prone, manually managed multi-product network and security configurations. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and welcome radically simplified SASE services through SP Edge's Autonomous Operations.

Extensibility and Future-Proofing

SP Edge's extensible architecture allows SPs to add additional cybersecurity products and features over time, ensuring that their SASE offerings stay up-to-date and relevant in the fast-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats while maintaining consistency and simplicity in service delivery.

You bring the customers, we bring the automated SASE solution.

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