Sea Street Technologies Enables Autonomous, Secure SD-WAN Service at Scale

Kevin Whalen, Guyer Group
July 7, 2021

Sea Street Technologies today introduced a new secure SD-WAN Service Instance in Operation (SIO) module as part of its StratOS platform that converges security with SD-WAN into a single fully autonomous service from fulfillment, to assurance, self healing, policy updates, maintenance, optimization, and utility billing.

Only with fully autonomous service operations can security and service providers scale to meet the expected growth in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services. SASE simplifies wide-area networking and security by delivering both from the cloud directly to the endpoints, easing the transition from perimeter-based security to zero trust models. Sea Street extends these advantages by operating SASE products from the major providers as-a-service and autonomously, providing the massive scale required as the perimeter moves to the branch and ultimately the home and device.

According to Gartner, “By 2025, at least 60% of enterprises will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption encompassing user, branch and edge access, up from 10% in 2020.”

“Growth in SASE is a multi-layered story,” says Harley Stowell, CEO of Sea Street Technologies. “Implicit in that growth is the migration of the security perimeter to the edge, both to accommodate the work-from-anywhere enterprise, and to embrace the power of edge services and IIOT. That transition radically increases the number of secure endpoints – into the hundreds of millions, if not billions. This level of scale is far beyond the management capabilities of traditional systems, most of which were originally built for single tenant delivery models.”

“Sea Street solves these problems at the service automation level, seamlessly integrating best of breed suppliers into autonomously operated -aaS services. We lift existing security and network products into the new zero-trust edge model, removing tenancy limitations, eliminating manual operations, enabling massive scale and reducing costs by 70+% in the process.”

The StratOS platform is an agnostic solution capable of integrating service operations across any network, security, and cloud environment to create, deliver, and manage autonomous, secure revenue-generating services at massive scale. Sea Street’s SIO models have the ability to automate any of the leading players in the SD-WAN market including companies like Fortinet, Cisco, Silver Peak, VMware VeloCloud, Citrix, Versa Networks, and Palo Alto Networks/CloudGenix.

Sea Street’s StratOS transforms the existing siloed service delivery infrastructure with an end-to-end lifecycle automation and assurance platform that provides an AI autopilot for each individual service instance. In this service-first approach, the AI autopilots meld the capabilities of the underlay, overlay, cloud, and security elements together with goal-seeking automation to create individualized, self-contained, self-operating, end-to-end autonomous services. Sea Street’s service first approach enables service deployments that optimize features, assurance, service level agreement (SLA), and economics for both the end user customer, enterprise and the service provider, enabling new digital applications distributed at scale.

About Sea Street Technologies

Sea Street is a Boston, MA company that has developed and deployed an AI autonomous operations platform that enables large services providers to progressively transform their businesses to fully autonomous, closed-loop operations. Founded in 2012 by Harley Stowell–former CTO Worldwide Service Provider for Cisco–the company’s StratOS platform is deployed at several top-tier communications service providers, automating network, video, telephony, wireless and enterprise services today. For more information, visit

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