stratOS: Expert Operating System for Cloud

Converged automation of applications and hybrid infrastructure using a single, policy-driven expert system.

Design the operational lifecycle of your entire IT footprint, render that design into policy, and execute it automatically and continuously, across all applications and platforms 24x7x365.



 The Expert Operating System for Converged Virtual Infrastructure


Expert, because StratOS executes policies you design to continuously optimize your services based on real-time telemetry from applications and infrastructure.

Operating System, because StratOS is a platform that provides stateful, operationally assured execution across all domains: Compute, Network, Storage, Application, Service Assurance, etc.

Converged, because StratOS views and controls your applications and infrastructure holistically rather than app-by-app and stack-by-stack.

Virtual Infrastructure, because StratOS uses modeling and abstraction to enable control of any mix of private or public cloud systems across any topology.

Using StratOS, you can directly reduce your operational costs and improve overall performance by holistically automating:

Lifecycle Operations

Many automation utilities only run to fulfillment. StratOS is different. StratOS is an operating systems and manages the full lifecycle of your applications, including placement, scale, compliance, security, quality of service, availability, HA/DR, auto-remediation and more. All executed based on your specific operational design.

Application Striping

StratOS makes applications and policies portable, enabling application striping across clouds and private data centers. Use just what you need at the best possible price in the most advantageous location.

Policy Fabrics

StratOS can implement multi-cloud, multi-site policy fabrics for broad, consistent implementation of policies like relative priority, cost optimization, performance, compliance, business continuity, security and more.

Data-driven Decisioning

StratOS lets you use application data, infrastructure telemetry and third-party data such as weather, news, market information and company operating status in your policy designs. Your policies, analyzing and responding to telemetry, guide the platform’s response and auto-remediation for real-world conditions.

Infrastructure Optimization

StratOS implements continuous infrastructure optimization including true disposable infrastructure, resource trading between applications, shared redundancy pools, cloud-as-DR and capacity management .

StratOS works with both the systems you already own, and with the latest platforms for SDN, NFV and application centric infrastructure. StratOS lets you automate and extend the life of your existing infrastructure while simultaneously enabling migration to new technology solutions, new services or new clouds. StratOS supports standards implementations such as  TOSCA, Yang and ETSi and provides both RESTful interfaces and an Open API.

StratOS is the tool you’ve been looking for to get both costs and chaos under control. With complete lifecycle automation and five-nines operations, StratOS can provide operating cost reductions of 50% and higher through implementation of disposable infrastructure, auto-remediation, application striping, placement optimization and direct reduction of man-hour costs.

For a demonstration of the technology, and a walk-through of our ROI, reach out to us today.



Who We Are

StratOS was created by Sea Street Technologies, a Boston, MA company with deep skills across abstraction, modeling, networking and IT operations.  Our unique pool of experiences and our incredibly versatile engineering team have made it possible for us to not only re-imagine automation and orchestration, but to make our vision real.

Harley Stowell


John Weber


Jeff Boone

Vice President Engineering

James Kelso

VP of Products and Product Marketing

Chris West

Managing Director, Sales

Brian Kahn

VP, Solutions Architecture