StratOS™ Autonomous Operations


StratOS is a cross-domain, cloud-native software platform for automating and closed-loop assuring complex and massively distributed IT services.

StratOS is deployed today at major service providers around the globe. Using AI expert models, StratOS operates complex network, video and security services for these operators on a fully autonomous, closed-loop basis; deploying, assuring, healing, optimizing and upgrading these services with no need for manual intervention.

SIO Bots Operate Services 24/7/365

At the heart of the Sea Street solution are designable micro intelligences that we call SIO Bots™.  

Even the most complex operating goals can be rendered autonomous by breaking the task down into smaller actionable goals and executing against those goals in a coordinated manner. That is why we created the Objective.

SIO Bots are goal-seeking, intelligent software objects. They are small and easy to build. They are abstract and highly reusable. They interoperate and cooperate to create autonomous services, compound services and ultimately division-level service operations. SIO Bots are like bees in a hive: a set of SIO Bots runs a service, a swarm of SIO Bots runs an enterprise.

The advantage of SIO Bots is that they are inexpensive, manageable and highly reusable. They can be built and maintained by your team or ours. They enable you to automate your enterprise element by element, a service at a time, cleaning up your technical debt much the same way you clean a house: one room at a time. Steady results drive continued progress and over time your Digital Transformation is achieved.

Top-Down: Goal-Driven, Event, and KPI Based

Companies have talked about intent-based operations for years, and the benefits seem obvious. The question, though, is who declares the intent and how it is preserved beyond deployment?

Sea Street SIO Bots are the answer. During design time, SIO Bots define and preserve service intent as a set of goals, and define the KPIs and KQIs required to understand progress to the goals. At runtime, they use events, telemetry, and KPIs/KQIs to understand the state of the services they are responsible for and then constantly optimize operations to meet the service’s goals through the loop process.

Of course, tens of thousands of services all trying to optimize independently would result in chaos — but SIO Bots interoperate and cooperate, and given context by the Sea Street platform, together the Objective swarm can say “given all I know, across all the services, what is the best next move?”

Sea Street doesn’t just deliver intent-based service operations, we deliver the intent-based enterprise. 

Closed Loop Autonomous Operations

There are lots of automation tools in the market today to handle deployment, reboot and scale—but we are after true autonomous operations: Day 1, Day 2 and beyond. 

Autonomous operations means services have to be operated 24/7/365, and that requires a goal-seeking, closed-loop approach. It’s the difference between starting a car and driving a car. Starting is an easy workflow. Driving is a complex loop process that has to constantly combine fresh data with judgment, intelligence and action to deal with constant change and challenge of the real world.

Closed loop operation of services is what Sea Street is built for. Our SIO Bots collect telemetry, evaluate performance, make decisions to optimize the goals of the service, and execute those decisions in the infrastructure and software systems in real time. 

Sea Street’s SIO Bots render your services self-driving. Closed loop assurance, intelligent healing, dynamic optimization, and autonomous maintenance and upgrade all become easy and straightforward.

Perhaps best of all, Sea Street works with the deployment automation platforms you already own. None of your work is wasted. SIO Bots add cross-domain, service-level, closed loop autonomy right on top.

Rapid, Abstract Service Creation

With the Sea Street platform, providers create new services in weeks, add new features in days and tweak operations in minutes. It is fully abstracted and portable across platforms, suppliers, and even providers.

The key to this is an extremely powerful abstraction layer we call the ‘Unified Infrastructure Model™.’ The Unified Infrastructure Model gives our platform full cross-domain span of control. Compute, network, storage, cloud, wireless, video, telephony, access, IoT… you name it, we can connect to it, incorporate it into your intelligent operations and control it. The same holds true for data. Any source, any type. Raw telemetry or machine learning insights. Plug it in and put it to work.

Sea Street doesn’t just connect, we abstract the resources and data models. This means you can change the underlying resources and data sources without having to modify the SIO Bots for your services. It means you can design services once and deploy them across implementation architectures at will—even across multiple providers.

Tools & Training Let Customers Become Designers

Think autonomous operations is a threat to your job? It’s not. With Sea Street, autonomous ops equals opportunity.

When Sea Street engages with customers, we come with a comprehensive package of training and tools for what we call Human Capital Transformation™.  

Sea Street trains your experts to become the designers and implementers of your digital transformation. With our proven M7™ methodology and toolset, design for autonomous ops is straightforward and practical.

Design in-house, outsource to us or one of our partners, or choose a middle path. We have you covered.

Autonomous ops is a serious competitive advantage, and this race will go to the swift. The fastest companies will be the ones where everyone wins. Get your team on board with Sea Street.

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500 Edgewater Drive Suite 509 Wakefield MA 01880
© Sea Street Technologies 2022 | All Rights Reserved