About Sea Street:

Sea Street Technologies was founded in 2012 with the goal of developing a next generation model-based operating system for cloud. The company was founded by Harley Stowell, former Cisco CTO for Service Provider Cloud. Sea Street has created a platform for Autonomous Operations, known as StratOS, that manages both applications and infrastructure based on business goals to optimize SLAs, Priorities, Costs, Criticality, etc. and that continuously creates, updates and programs system architectures to meet the needs of the applications and the policies.

The Opportunity: Customer Support Engineer

Customer Support Engineers respond to customer inquiries about technical problems through an Internet-based system, telephone calls, and email. They must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and be able to work under pressure to solve the technical problems for personal and business clients. The Customer Support Engineer documents calls from clients and provides troubleshooting help to find the problem and isolate it. They then must find the resolution and ensure the clients expectations are met in a timely manner. The Customer Support Engineer works closely with quality assurance and engineering departments to further investigate and resolve issues. These engineers must have vast product knowledge and need to keep abreast of their industry. The Customer Support Engineer will also assist in system configurations and support programs after hours. Customer Support Engineers may work long hours if trying to solve a difficult problem. Customer Support Engineers may also be required to travel for meetings or to help fix a difficult problem. Customer Support Engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming, software engineering, or equivalent. Prior work experience in either an information technology setting or as a support or systems analyst highly desired. These engineers need to have experience with UNIX/LINUX and Java/Javascript/Python. The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to develop tools that assist with or otherwise automate the analysis of these complex problems, as well as develop tools that integrate several of our internal support systems.

Customer Support Engineer Tasks:

  • Use debugging tools, simulations, and scripts to isolate and fix problems.
  • Guide and assist with installations and technical training, including documentation.
  • Directly troubleshoot and solve technical issues with customers.
  • Document customer needs, problems, interventions and interactions, informing clients as changes occur.
  • Develop software to facilitate problem solving and analysis.

To apply, please email jobs@seastreet.com.



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